Friday 28 July 2017

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Saturday, 29th July, 6pm: John Orsborne RIP
Sunday 30th July, 10am: Sandie Tangen Intention
                              11.30am: Catherine Harding RIP (1st anniversary)
Tuesday 1st August, St Alphonsus Liguori, 10am: Michael O’Hara RIP
Wednesday 2nd August, 10am: Fr Fabian Cunliffe RIP
Thursday 3rd August, 10am: The Parishioners                                 
Friday 4th August, St John Mary Vianney, 10am: John & Phyllis Andrews RIP
Saturday 5th August, St Martha, 10am: Arthur Bates RIP


“O God of my ancestors and Lord of mercy, 

who have made all things by your word,  and have made man and woman
to have dominion over the creatures you have made,
and pronounce judgment in uprightness of soul, give me the wisdom that sits by your throne and do not reject me from among your servants. For I am one who is weak and short-lived, with little understanding of judgment and laws; and without the wisdom that comes from you I am nothing.   from Wisdom 9

If you are celebrating a significant wedding anniversary this year, please join Bishop Richard at 12 noon on Saturday 7th October 2017 at Arundel Cathedral.
For a booking form, please phone 01293 651161 or email

Annual Grandparents’ Reflection Day
At Worth Abbey, 21st September, 9.45am to 3pm: This day is also suitable for those interested in family Spirituality and Marriage and Family Life in general. Book with or 01293 651161    Donations welcome on day. David and Johanna Giles have space in their car if you’d like to go with them. Contact
Elizabeth O’Shea, parenting expert, writes: 

“Are you a grandparent? Your grandchildren are growing up in a different world. They are under pressure to be good at school and sports, to be popular, to fit in, and to look good. So how can you help your grandchildren cope with inevitable failure or disappointments? When can failure be good for them? What impact might failure have on their mental health? How can you help grandchildren bounce back, and improve their resilience? How can you help them deal with change? What can you do if your grandchild has a victim mentality? What if your grandchild is a perfectionist? Or has body-image issues? How can you show unconditional love, and how can your Catholic faith help? Come along to explore the answers in this fun, practical and spiritual day just for grandparents. Led by Fr Stephen Ortiger and Elizabeth O’Shea.”

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